More info on Tuition & Fees


All non-degree students who register for credit courses are subject to mandatory registration, MUB and technology fees.

Academic Year Fall 2017/Spring 2018*

Registration Fee
$20, payable once per semester (non-refundable).

Non-Degree Student Services Fee
(non-matriculated students)
$15, payable once per semester.

Technology Fee
Based on the number of credits taken per semester, as follows:

Undergrad Non-Degree Students:
1-4 credits: $25.00
5-11 credits: $50.25
12 or more credits: $100.50

Grad Non-Degree Students:
1-4 credits: $25.00
5-8 credits: $50.25
9 or more credits: $100.50

Special Fees
Payable at time of registration, if applicable.

*Any new tuition/fee changes for the upcoming academic year are posted in July. Summer Session may include an additional fee.

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